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Solutions to your toughest cesspool problems

Toilets backing up? Obnoxious odor?

A cesspool problem can bring your daily routine to a screeching halt. If you're experiencing slow-draining sinks, pools of water in your shower or unpleasant odors coming from your drains or ventilation system, it's time to call in a cesspool specialist.


We use state-of-the-art equipment to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it fast. Call for a quote!

If you're dealing with a cesspool problem, you don't want to wait around for a slow or unreliable contractor. You want service now! Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are there when you need us.


At Ray Scudder Cesspool Service Inc, we understand that your time is valuable, and we believe that you deserve fast, dependable service, no matter what the problem. Call us today and we're on our way!

There when you need us